Siurana stage

Are you looking  for  rock climbing holidays? Come and enjoy one of the top climbing places in the world, following the instructions of our oficial climbing guide Albert Segura, he will show you the best Siurana crags and recommend you the best routes 


For climbers of all ages and skill levels.

Come to climb with us and meet new climbers through sharing good sporting routes together. Whether you travel by yourself, or with friends you're sure to make some great new friendships through the week.

Whether you are a novice or a very experienced climber, these rock climbing holidays are great value.

Book yourself these holidays and enjoy climbing fantastic rock with us!

7 days (6 nights) sport climbing around the excellent Siurana 

Crags like el Pati, where its locate La Rambla that was for long period the hardest route on the world, el Aparador, La Olla, Siuranella, will lend you without words to explain your friends how good they are...

Program         3-9 September
Day one

Climbing in El Aparador, routes from V to 8a+ and from 15m to 40 m long

Day two Climbing in El Cargol and el Pati, routes from 6a to 9b and from 20m to 45m long
Day three  Climbing in la Siuranella, routes from 6a+ to 8c and from 20m to 40m long
Day four  Climbing in Herbolari, routes from V+ to 7c+ and from 20m to 35m long
Day five Climbing in Grau dels Masets , routes from IV+ to 8a and from 15m to 35m long
Day six Climbing in La Siuranella centre, routes from 6a to 8a+ and from 20m to 35m long
Day seven Climbing in La Siuranella est, routes from 6b to 8b and from 20m to 45m long


- Qualified Guides

- Coaching and guiding

- Airport o Train transfer from Tarragona or Reus

- Transport to the cracks

- All gear included

- Exceptional organization

- Accommodation 

- Breakfast

- Picnic (you can take some food from the large breakfast to snack during the climbing)

- Free wifi


September Siurana stage climbing week

Dates: 3-9 September

Price:   590 € 


Not included any additional holiday expenses such as travel

How to reserve your place

1. Send an email to confirmed you would like a place on the trip

2. You have to pay a deposit of 100 £/100 € with your debit/credit card or Paypal account

3. When we receive the above we will make the reservation

4. Each trip will be confirmed as going ahead once 3 people have paid their deposits

5. You will recieve a letter confirming the trip; this is the case so you can book your travel to Catalonia (Barcelona or Reus airport). Please don't book travel before the trip is confirmed.

6. You can pay the remaining balance about 10 days before the trip starts


You can travel by plane or by train. If you travel with plane you can choose between Reus or Barcelona airports; if you travel with train you arriving in Tarragona station.

We will pick up  September 2nd from:

- Reus airport or Bus station 7PM

And drop off September 9th to:

- Reus airport  or Bus station 6PM

Tips for the trip

Book your flight to Barcelona,  much easy,cheaper  and very easy to catch a bus or train to Tarragona or Reus train station

Tarragona or Reus is only 30' from the Rock Climbing House and we will fetch you 

We can stop in the way to buy some food if you need it 

You will share the house with other climbers 

You can choose if one day you want to rest and we can manage to take you some where and collect you on the 

evening (maybe rest day on the beach?)

900m from the house there are one small supermarket and 2 bars 






Rock climbing kit list

For this rock climbing holiday we recommend that you bring your own:



Climbing shoes


House kit list

For these trip you may need:




Sleping bag

Swimming custom 

Tupperware (for picnics)

Sun cream

Warm cloths (is summer but we are 750m altitude so it can get quite chilly )