Rock climbing holidays

Special "Sport Climbing Weeks" is a great way to meet new people through sharing good sporting times together. Whether you travel by yourself, or with friends you're sure to make some great new friendships through the week.

Whether you are a novice or a very experienced climber, these rock climbing holidays are great value.  

The social aspect is one of the nicest things about it.


Rock climbing holidays will include bed & breakfast and an experienced guide(s) to ensure you get the absolute most out of your stay. Our guide will get you to the crags and identify the most suitable routes for the climbing type and level for you. 

Just lend our guides advice you about the best routes and you will see how fast are your climbing technique and skills improving.

Just come and enjoy the best routes in the world, being here

is like being a surfer and travel to Hawaï 

More than 6000 routes are waiting for you to be climbed!!






Calendar 2022 Climbing Holidays     
Week Date Price Available Sites Left
SIURANA STAGE 9-15 May 590€ 6
CATALONIA CLIMB WEEK 30 May-5 June 590€ 6
CLIMB AND BEACH 27 June-3 July  590€ 6
CLIMB AND BEACH 11-17 July  590€ 6
CLIMB AND BEACH 15-21 August 590€ 4
SIURANA STAGE 5 Sept - 11 Sept 590€ 6
SERRA DE PRADES  26 September-2 Oct 590€ 6

All you need is your flight and a pair of climbing shoes (if you prefer your own!). We will provide all the gear, transport and guiding. Catalonia will provide some of the best rock in the World.