Summer Climbing Week

Are you looking  for rock climbing holidays?   Come with us & enjoy climbing in summer time

For climbers of all ages and skill levels.

Yes!!! Climbing in Spain in summer time it's possible!

Around our area there are lots of places for climbing on the shade and in Montsant area you will need to bring your down jacket. Some areas are 1000m high and offer amazing climbing conditions all thru summer.

Also Siurana, Arbolí, Capçanes, Montral, offer good conditions these time of the year.

And at mid day we will jump into one of the amazing pools around Siurana area to rest a bit between climbing sessions.

What could you ask more?

Come to climb with us and meet new climbers through sharing good sporting routes together. Whether you travel by yourself, or with friends you're sure to make some great new friendships through the week.


Areas we climb in can include:

- MontralThese nice spot offers to the climbers a superb spot for a hot days so after midday you can find lots of nice routes on the shade. Grades go from F4 to F8a range

- Arbolí (El Falcó): This is without doubt the very best sector among the many Arbolí crags. Similar in style and rock type to Siurana, but in general with much longer pitches up to ~45m!

- La Mussara: Is a large area split into various crags, each with different characteristics, including some multi-pitch routes.  The grades here are concentrated in the F5 to F7a range on good quality conglomerate rock.

- El Montsant: Has over 500 routes on very solid and compact conglomerate rock with many pockets.  Here the various crags are up to 200m long that are conveniently split into tiers linked by spectacular paths and ladders. 

- Capçanes: These quiet canyon is the place to head on the warm mornings during the summer time. Grades and nice routes for everybody that can climb between 6a and 8b

- Margalef: The second largest area with over 800 routes across a wide grade range.  The crags are situated either side of a secluded river meaning that you can climb either in the sun or shade, depending upon the time of day and your preference.


- Qualified Guides

- Coaching and guiding

- Airport o Train transfer from Tarragona or Reus

- Transport to the cracks

- All gear included

- Exceptional organization

- Accommodation 

- Breakfast

- Picnic

- Free wifi


November Rock Climbing Week

Dates: 19-25 June

Price:   590€/510£

Nº of people:   8 people max



Not included any additional holiday expenses such as travel

How to reserve your place

1. Send an email to confirmed you would like a place on the trip

2. You have to pay a deposit of 100 £/100 € with your debit/credit card or Paypal account

3. When we receive the above we will make the reservation

4. Each trip will be confirmed as going ahead once 3 people have paid their deposits

5. You will recieve a letter confirming the trip; this is the case so you can book your travel to Catalonia (Barcelona or Reus airport). Please don't book travel before the trip is confirmed.

6. You can pay the remaining balance about 10 days before the trip starts


You can travel by plane or by train. If you travel with plane you can choose between Reus or Barcelona airports; if you travel with train you arriving in Tarragona station.

We will pick up the Monday 19 June from:

- Reus airport at 9:00 a.m. 

- Tarragona train station at 10:00 a.m. 

And drop off the Sunday 25 June to:

- Reus airport  at 6:00 p.m. 

- Tarragona train station at 7:00 p.m. 

Rock climbing kit list

For this rock climbing holiday we recommend that you bring your own:



Climbing shoes

Swimming costume